Palm Tree Removal in Your Tampa Bay Area Neighborhood

For many, the palm tree is a symbol of vacations and sunny days lying on a secluded beach sipping a fruity cocktail. Luckily for those of us living in the Tampa Bay Area, we get to enjoy that wonderful sunny feeling every day of the year. Sometimes however we need a little care is to maintain our little slice of tropical paradise. Palm trees need proper trimming, pruning and maintenance to ensure best appearances. You may need a removal service to get rid of unwanted palms, or to transplant them elsewhere—it even being possible to sell them to specialist nurseries in Florida—if you have a unique or unusual palm tree.

Palm trees will eventually require some maintenance to ensure optimal growth, or to prevent them from becoming neighborhood eyesores. Dead leaves, or fronds will continuously accumulate on the tree over the course of time. It is generally recommended to prune or trim your trees once a year, or every two years. Untrimmed trees will look disheveled and unkempt and can ruin the appearance of neighborhoods where they are present. Care however needs to be taken to not damage the terminal bud, or the whole tree may die. Similarly if you injure the palm’s trunk, there is a good chance the damage will not heal properly—this is an open invitation to pests and disease.

Getting rid of your palm tree can be somewhat challenging, they have a unique root system unlike other trees—for one thing they have no tap root, instead they grow fibrous roots more akin to a maize plant. They can burrow as much as 20 feet into the ground and 80 feet away from the tree—though generally most root growth occurs within 7 feet in all directions. While this means palms can easily withstand most storms, this also makes them difficult to uproot. Using a professional and insured tree removal service will ensure a minimal amount of problems and fuss.

Transplanting palm trees can also be problematic—though generally quite easy if you understand the way the root system regenerates, how the tree grows, and what to do in the first critical months of transplant. If you plan to sell your tree to a nursery, professional help may be crucial to ensure a successful transplant. In any case, removing a tree usually always requires a permit.

When your palm tree looks unhealthy, or has accumulated too many dead fronds—it is time to call a professional tree removal service. Call us now for a free estimate. We service all areas of Tampa Bay including Brandon, Riverview, Temple Terrace, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, and Wesley Chapel.

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