Oak Tree Removal in Your Tampa Bay Area Neighborhood

Many great neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay Area live under the grand majesty of an old oak tree canopy, bringing communities together over the generations with many a block party, garage sale, or esteemed community tradition held beneath that comfortable shade. Though we sometimes have to be mindful to protect, and care for our communities when things can, and do sometimes go awry. Proper trimming, pruning or tree removal may be necessary to preserve the aesthetics of your property, or to prevent damage to your home.

Oak trees—in particular the laurel oaks—are causing trouble in some Tampa Bay Area communities. This is because laurels have a life span of 50 – 70 years, whereas something like a live oak may live 250 years or more. Unfortunately once trees get too old, they become frail and prone to disease, and eventually hazardous to your home and neighborhood. When a storm blows through, they can come crashing down.

Homeowners do not need to rush out and chop down their oak trees however—especially by themselves—and certainly not without a permit. A simple evaluation to determine whether your tree is a potential hazard would suffice. We provide free evaluations and consultations for precisely such events. If it appears dangerous, we also provide a licensed and insured tree removal service should you wish the tree removed.

Generally speaking, oaks are very hard and sturdy requiring little maintenance over time, such as regular trimming or pruning of dead, diseased, weakened, or dangerous branches. Similarly pruning may be necessary when branches become intrusive. The root system likes to be as undisturbed as possible—the area extending 6 feet from the trunk being the most vulnerable. If possible this area should always be left undisturbed and uncovered. Trees that are continuously stressed or covered in open wounds are especially prone to fungal infections that cause root rot. Occasionally mature oaks can use a light thinning of live green foliage to reduce weight on branches, increase sunlight penetration, and decrease wind resistance.

When your oak tree looks unhealthy, or branches start crashing down—it is time to call a professional tree removal service. Call us now for a free estimate. We service all areas of Tampa Bay including Brandon, Riverview, Temple Terrace, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, and Wesley Chapel.

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