Magnolia Tree Removal

With their distinctively lush and fragrant flowers, the magnolia tree is a cherished symbol of the South-Eastern States. Among the most popular trees grown in America—few historical accounts of the South are written without prominently featuring the magnolia—which is why you so often find them in prominent Tampa Bay Area neighborhoods. Occasionally though, care needs to be taken in maintaining these trees to get the most out of their natural beauty with proper pruning and trimming. A professional tree removal service may be required to properly manage your magnolias.

Magnolia trees best respond to pruning when they are young to create that classic pyramid shape, a shady canopy, or a luscious hedge around your property. These are slow-growing trees that take a long time to heal, leaving them vulnerable to disease or insect attacks. This is why in mature trees, pruning and trimming is best left to removing dead limbs, than trying to control its growth. Foliage grows very thickly on magnolia trees so a light thinning may be recommended to provide some shaping, removing competing branches, or to improve light penetration for new growths.

For all of its beauty, there may come a time when one must remove a magnolia tree. Perhaps it has grown too large and old as to become hazardous, or perhaps become so damaged as to require removal. Though they provide excellent shade—they can do so in the wrong place—also the continuous shedding of leaves and seed pods can also be quite burdensome to the homeowner.

Magnolia trees are notoriously wide spreaders, with some species capable of spreading their roots out hundreds of feet in mature specimens. This can make mature magnolias very difficult to remove—even with machinery—which is why it is usually best to use a professional removal service that is insured, and can get you the permit that you require. Care must also be taken to properly remove the shallow root system to prevent “suckers” from sprouting and forming new trees.

When your magnolia tree looks unhealthy, needs proper shaping, has accumulated too much foliage or dead branches—it is time to call a professional tree removal service. Call us now for a free estimate. We service all areas of Tampa Bay including Brandon, Riverview, Temple Terrace, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, and Wesley Chapel.

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