Tree Removal in Tampa

If a tree in your yard is in any of these conditions you may need to hire a Tampa tree removal service to cut it down:

  • Disease ridden
  • Overhanging or leaning toward a house
  • Leaning so far as to cause a fall risk
  • Tree is already dead and rotting
  • In an area with new construction (pool, outhouse, garage)
  • Struck by Lightning
  • Roots running into property foundation
  • Wind Damaged

We will come to your property for a professional consultation on the condition of your tree regarding disease and the dangers it may present.  We can give you a free estimate for complete cutting and removal of all branches, leaves, and trunk material.  We have all the equipment needed to perform a complete job.

All State Tree Service will is a family run company that has been in business for over 20 years.  We are licensed and insured (read about insurance in the Tampa tree service industry) to provide the most professional  services possible.  Call now to set up a free consultation.

Tree Removal Permit

You will need to obtain the permission of the county to cut it down.  In a case of new construction, the tree removal should be in the architectural drawings.  Since the purpose of needing a permit exists to preserve as many trees as possible, the county tends to be selective about which trees it will allow to be removed.  Since we know the rules very well, we can help you determine probability of your tree obtaining a removal permit and help best argument you have.  Read about specific tree trimming or removal laws in your area.

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