Tampa Tree Stump Grinding

Do you have a tree stump that is a nuisance or safety hazard in your Tampa yard?  They can be troubling for lawn mowers, children playing in the yard, or even simply the aesthetics of your yard.

Many people don’t realize a rotting stump can also be a great nest for sub terranein termites.  They bore into the wood and could lay larva, multiply, and eventually make their way into your house if it is close enough.  They could also damage the ability for the ground above to grow healthy grass.

We can get rid of that stump for you, there are several services we offer depending on the type of tree it was and the future plans for the purpose of the area.

Grade Level

We can take our stump grinder and shave the tree stump four to six inches below the surface.  We then add top soil that forms a mound that will eventually settle to even the grade.  A property owner can then plant sod over the old stump.

Complete Extraction

If we can get the stump ground down enough, a complete extraction would leave your yard in a condition to plant another tree on top of it.  We can shave the stump down two feet and remove all the shavings.  Then you can put top soil in the hole and have a nutrient rich base to plant a new tree or plant bed.  Some trees such as a citrus or pine tree have very deep tap roots which make complete extraction difficult.

Root Pruning

Since roots sometimes spread out to go into the foundations of house, we can dig them out and remove the problematic areas.  The difficulty of this type of job varies widely on the type of tree so we will have to see the property to give an accurate estimate.

Call All State Tree Service for all types of stump removal , stump grinding, and root pruning anywhere in the Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Riverview, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.

We will come to your home to offer free consultation and give you an estimate for us to provide the service.  Call today to schedule a convenient time.

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