Valrico Tree Service

Call the best tree service company in Valrico today to set up a free estimate for any needs you may have.  Allstate Tree Service, serving the entire Tampa Bay area for over 17 years, spends a great deal of time just past Brandon on Hopewell Rd and in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Many of our servicemen and managers live in the Valrico so can provide the area extra special service.   

Our company is licensed and, more importantly, bonded and insured, in the state of Florida for top rate professional tree service.  We have the most advance equipment and highly skilled operators.

Tree Trimming

We will help you manage your stately Oak trees or give palms a quick trim.  Maintaining your trees properly requires periodic trimming to increase both safety and aesthetics.   We recommend twice a year trimmings for most of your palm trees.  Too many fronds can be a hazard and eliminating dead lower branches can help the health of the tree.  Oak trees need less frequent trimming, about once every year or two.

Tree Removal

If you have a dead or hazardous tree, we can help you cut it down and remove it.  Most mature trees need a permit to either cut down or trim.  We can consult with you and help you with the process; we have to show the tree is:

  • Disease Ridden
  • Hazardous to a house or building as a fall risk
  • Already dead and rotting
  • Obstructing New Construction

Stump Grinding

Any stump in the ground can pose a risk of injuring a person in the yard or infestation of insects in the root system.   Our equipment can grind it down to ground level and even below ground to a degree with fresh soil on top. 

Call us today to set up a free estimate and we should be able to work it in on the way home or whenever convenient to you.

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